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Flair With Fabrics is the perfect place to find gifts for the creative people in your life.

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Gifts Gifts Gifts

Flair With Fabrics offers an almost limitless collection of gifts for quilters, knitters or anyone in fabric arts.

  • We have an ever-changing selection of lovely quilted gift items such as wall hangings, runners, bed quilts, totes, purses and jackets.
  • We create our own custom quilting project kits based on seasonal fabrics and themes.
  • Flair With Fabrics is pleased to sell patterns created by many local designers.
  • Quilting books make wonderful gifts and we have so many great ones to choose from.
  • Our gift selection includes many unique quilting or sewing related items such as quilting kits, sewing baskets, perpetual calendars and daytimers, note cards, books and puzzles.

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